My journey through Books: Part-2


In this part I will start with the summary of the books which helped in growing towards Enlightenment. How Books can have positive impact is projected here. I will request the esteemed readers to kindly go through this post. Please read!!!

The first book that triggered was: “Who will cry when you die” and will brief a bit about other books that helped me in overcoming mental sufferings .

Certain event in my personal life shattered me. I was not able to bear with. I started thinking that the main part of my life is going to be ruined. Situation was very difficult to cope up with my job (Job was of great responsibilities being in Air Navigation System for safe Air Traffic). I had tremendous mental pressure which I could not express and share . During that time, I came across with the Book  “Who will cry when you die” which was a kick start for me to a new direction.

Actually, I was wrong in my thinking, that I understood after opening the book.

Before reading the book my thought patterns were different. Possessiveness was a major component of thoughts which is the main cause of human sufferings. I was emotional and so I started thinking that I will be no more here and no one will cry for me. May be for some days, they will mourn and just put a garland on death anniversary what we see usually. What more one can expect even after death.

“Who will cry when you die” is a different story. My mind made a space for acting on the simple tips and guidance given in the book. It showed me the light for removing all insignificant worries for living a true Life.

The points I noted as important Tips are here:

  • We should do what we love to.
  • Separate the essential and non essential activities.
  • Be humble, forgiving, and thankful.
  • Increase deposits into your love account.
  • Be Kind and joyous.
  • Worry less and live more.
  • Think positive and attract positivity.
  • Prioritize your Time.
  • Carry a Goal Card
  • Pain is Teacher
  • Take care of your Body and Mind.

After effect: I gifted books to a few for finding happiness.

The Second book that added more power: The Monk Who sold his Ferrari: By Robin Sharma.

Following points gave me more strength.

  • Master your Mind.
  • Follow your Purpose.
  • The Ten Ancient Rituals for Radiant Living.
  • Power of Discipline and it’s Mantras. 
  • If you Die today! [ Your actions, if today is your last day of living life]
  • Live like a Child.
  • Embrace the Present.
  • Grow your Destiny.

The Result: As a whole my life got a positive direction and started new living. Gifted the book “The Monk Who sold his Ferrari” to many, such that they get direction too.

The Third book: The Power of your Subconscious Mind: By Joseph Murphy
The book explains and guides how to access the untapped potential of our Subconscious Mind. Immediately after completion of the book “The Power of your Subconscious Mind”, I found there is a dramatic change in my thinking pattern. Teachings of all the above books were in action. I understood the law of attraction is working. I am attracting what I thought for. I realized that I am able to attract positive if I wish. Yes, that started happening. Same thing happened earlier also in my college days or in my service life. But I did not realize that I attracted what I achieved. Very simple is that.

Above mentioned three books changed my life to a new direction and thereby a new journey started in my life. These three books along with other books worked as saviour in my life. These three books were the pioneer to build an interest in the field of Vedanta and Modern Science[ Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology]. 

*#* Law of attraction works. I will write separately on the theory of law of attraction based on my experiences.

Power of my Subconscious mind picked up next Powerful and Specific Books that are: – One after One.

The most important scientific Book helped me was:  THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF: 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles: Lipton Bruce H.

Summary: Cells as Miniature Human:

Bruce H Lipton, an American cell biologist, notable for his views on Epigenetics. In his book, he claims that ” Beliefs control human biology rather than DNA and inheritance. According to Lipton, A human is a co-operative of 50 Trillion cells. Human Beings are simply the consequence of ” Collective amoebic Consciousness” Having harmonious relation of the 50 trillion cells, a human can take control of his/her life. Each sell is an intelligent being that can survive on it’s own, as scientists demonstrate when they remove individual cells from the body and grow them in a culture. Bruce concluded that we are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness, and love.

After effect: I started following lectures of Dr. Lipton

Please watch this video, the link given below:

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture

The other Book: Evolve your Brain: The Science of Changing your Mind: By Joe Dispenza: 

Brief Summary of the above:

Dr. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is a Doctor of Chiropractic. His post graduate training includes the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity. Through his research, he explores the science behind spontaneous remissions to empower people to change from the inside out. Combining the fields of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Brain chemistry, Biology and Genetics, Dr. Dispenza explores the effects of Meditation on how people can heal themselves of Chronic and Terminal diseases. This book helped me in developing constant thoughts of positivity.

Video link: Evolve Your Brain with Joe Dispenza.

PART-A: List of the books I have gone through initially:

  1. Who will cry when you die : By Robin Sharma: 21-12-2016
  2. The Monk Who sold his Ferrari: By Robin Sharma: 21-12-2016
  3. The Power of your Subconscious Mind: By Joseph Murphy: 21-3-2017
  4. Subconscious Mind Power: How to use the Hidden Power of your Subconscious mind: By Thompson James: 24-10-2017
  5. Master your Mind, Master your Life:15 Mind set hacks That will unleash your full potential Today: By Magnus Steele:05-12-2017
  6. The Shift: Taking your life from your Ambition to Meaning: By Wayne W. Dyer: 08-01-2018
  7. Evolve your Brain: The Science of Changing your Mind: By Joe Dispenja: 31-12-2017
  8. I am The Mind: By Deep Trivedi: April:2017
  9. I AM: The Power of Discovering Who you Really are: By FALCO HOWARD: 15-6-2017
  10. THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF: 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles: Lipton Bruce H.
  11. MINDSET : How Positive thinking will set you Free & Help you achieve massive success in your life. By Benjamin smith.
  12. How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Emotions. By beau Norton, the CEO & Founder of ” Perfectly at Peace”.
  13. How to Transform your life: A blissful journey : Geshe Kelsang Gyasto
  14. Raise your Vibration: 111 Practices to increase your Spiritual connection: By Kyle Gray.
  15. Raise your Vibration: By Sabrina Reber
  16. Death by Black Hole and other COSMIC QUANDARIES: By Neil De Grasse Tyson
  17. The power of Truth: by William George Jordan
  18. Back to the Truth: 500 years of ADVAITA
  19. The Secret of Infinite Intelligence: By Antar
  20. THE DIVINE MATRIX: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief. By GREGG BRADEN
  21. THE TEN PRINCIPAL UPANISHADS.****** Translated By: Shree Purohit Swami and W.B.YEATS.
  22. BLACK HOLES: The BBC Reith Lectures : Stephen Hawking.
  23. Taking the Quantum Leap: The new Physics for Non scientists: By Fred Alan Wolf
  24. You are the Universe by Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos.
  25. BIOCENTRISM : How life and Consciousness are the keys to understanding the True nature of the Universe: By Robert Lanza MD with BOB BERMAN
  26. The Self Aware Universe: How Consciousness creates the material world: By Amit Goswami, Ph.D.
  27. THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE: By Michael Talbot.

In the next parts I will write more about other books on my life changing events. 

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