“Ashtanga Yoga” [ Eight limbs of Yoga]~ Part-6

“Kriya Yoga” is preliminary preparation for entering into the state of Samadhi. Sadhana Pada, the second section among four sections of Patanjali Yogasutra starts with the instructions in “Kriya Yoga”.  In this section Maharshi Patanjali gives us guidelines to make proper foundation through some practical methods to enter into state of “Samadhi”. First part of Sadhana Pada deals with philosophy of “klesha”. Klesha means pain, misery , sufferings , problems and difficulties in life. Different types of kleshas which are obstacles must removed to achieve goal.  Our goal is to attain state of Samadhi. Through practice of kriya yoga, kleshas can be attenuated. Calmness of body and mind will come through Tapas. Through Svadhyaya will come true knowledge, self realisation and tranquillity of mind through Ishwara Pranidhana.