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The Power of Friendship:

Greetings to you my dear friends!

The Power of Friendship: Building Meaningful Connections.

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Friendship as a sacred connection goes beyond the conventional understanding of friendship and taps into a deeper, spiritual dimension. Here I would like to share my views on Friendship. Please share your views through comments.

What is friendship?

Genuine friendships transcend superficial differences such as age, social status, cultural background, and material wealth. True friends accept and support each other regardless of these factors, focusing on the deeper connection and shared values that bind them together. Friendship is built on mutual trust, respect, and understanding, forming a bond that goes beyond external circumstances and societal divisions. It is a beautiful reminder that true friendship can flourish among individuals from diverse backgrounds, enriching our lives with their unique perspectives and experiences.

The root word of friendship:

The English word “friendship” comes from Old English “freondscipe,” which means “friendship, mutual liking and regard”. The word “friend” is cognate with Old Frisian “friend,” Old Dutch “friunt,” Old High German “friunt,” and Old Icelandic “frændi,” among others. All of these words are ultimately descended from the same word, which is a noun formed from the present participle of the Germanic base of the word “free”. The Proto-Germanic word for “friendship” is “*frijōndiskapiz”The word “friend” is related to “freedom” and “love”.

Friendship is a universal phenomenon that transcends age and social positions. Family members, including parents, grandparents, and siblings, can develop deep and meaningful friendships that combine the love and care of a familial bond with the qualities of friendship. 

Parent-Child Friendship:

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A parent-child relationship is typically rooted in love, care, and responsibility. However, it can also evolve into a friendship characterized by trust, understanding, and mutual respect. As children grow older and develop their own identities, parents can transition from purely authoritative figures to supportive friends who offer guidance, companionship, and a safe space for open communication. Parent-child friendships are built on a foundation of unconditional love and can serve as a source of strength and emotional support throughout life.

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Grandparent-Grandchild Friendship:

Grandparents often play a unique role in a child’s life. As they have already experienced the responsibilities of parenthood, they can embrace a more relaxed and nurturing dynamic with their grandchildren. This relationship can evolve into a warm and cherished friendship. Grandparents can offer wisdom, life lessons, and a wealth of experiences, while grandchildren bring joy, energy, and a fresh perspective. The mutual love and respect between grandparents and grandchildren can form a strong and enduring friendship that bridges the generational gap.

Sibling Friendship:

Sibling relationships are a blend of familial bonds and friendship. Brothers and sisters share common experiences, grow up together, and develop a deep understanding of one another. Siblings can become confidants, companions, and pillars of support, forming lifelong friendships grounded in shared memories, unconditional love, and a sense of belonging.

Support and Companionship:

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Family friendships provide a strong support system and companionship. They offer a safe and familiar space to share thoughts, feelings, and life’s challenges. The shared bond of friendship within the family unit creates a sense of belonging and reassurance that one is not alone.

The impact of holy and unholy friendships on society.

Under holy friendships, humanity experiences a transformative and uplifting impact. Holy friendships inspire individuals to embody virtues such as compassion, kindness, honesty, and selflessness. This positive influence ripples out to the broader society, fostering a culture of empathy, cooperation, and social harmony. Holy friendships encourage individuals to contribute to the greater good, engage in acts of service, and work towards the betterment of humanity as a whole. They promote personal growth, moral development, and the cultivation of a virtuous character, leading to a society that values compassion, justice, and ethical behaviour.

Impact of unholy friendships.

Unholy friendships may involve the exchange or reinforcement of harmful beliefs, behaviours, or practices. When people with destructive intentions or ideologies form alliances, they can amplify and disseminate negative influences throughout the society or nation, potentially leading to increased violence, discrimination, or other harmful actions. Unholy friendships have a detrimental impact on humanity. These friendships often foster negative behaviours, encourage self-centeredness, and perpetuate harmful patterns. Individuals influenced by unholy friendships may engage in unethical actions, exhibit a lack of empathy, and prioritize personal gain over the well-being of others. This can lead to a breakdown of trust, social divisions, and a general decline in the collective moral compass.

Unholy friendships contribute to societal issues such as greed, corruption, discrimination, and injustice, creating an environment that is characterized by conflict, selfishness, and a disregard for the common good.

The impact of holy and unholy friendships on humanity extends beyond individual relationships. The collective influence of these friendships shapes societal values, norms, and behaviours. Holy friendships uplift society by promoting virtues and inspiring positive change, while unholy friendships contribute to the erosion of moral standards and hinder social progress. The choices individuals make regarding their friendships, whether they prioritize cultivating holy connections or succumb to unholy influences, have far-reaching consequences for the overall well-being and moral fabric of humanity.

Unconditional Love and Acceptance:

Holy friendships are characterized by a profound sense of unconditional love and acceptance. Friends in such relationships offer support, understanding, and forgiveness without judgment or expectation.

Spiritual Nourishment:

Just as spiritual practices nourish the soul; holy friendships can provide spiritual nourishment. These friendships often involve deep conversations, contemplation of life’s purpose, and exploration of existential questions.

Transformation and Growth:

Holy friendships have the power to transform individuals. Through their shared experiences and support, friends can encourage each other to break through limiting beliefs, overcome challenges, and embrace personal transformation.

Higher Purpose and Connection:

Holy friendships often involve a shared sense of higher purpose or a connection to something beyond the individual self. Friends may engage in acts of service, volunteer work, or spiritual practices together, deepening their bond and strengthening their connection to a greater spiritual reality. 


Friendship as a sacred connection goes beyond surface-level interactions and taps into the spiritual dimension of human relationships. It involves shared values, unconditional love, and acceptance, providing spiritual nourishment, facilitating personal growth and transformation, and fostering compassion, empathy, and a connection to something greater.

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33 thoughts on “The Power of Friendship:”

  1. Every body must read these one for betterment of the life to make it as simple as such the description.

  2. I agree that friendship is the base of every relationship. In this modern world, no one wants anything or any relation which is forcefully imposed on them. But if we are able to develop a friendly connection with our close ones, that will be the best thing to do.
    We will have peace of mind and happiness and everyone around us will also feel happy while we are around.
    I can say this with my own experience as I live with my family in US for at least six months a year. I have two daughter in laws from different background and grand children who are being brought up in a western country.
    Being friendly with everyone makes my stay here very productive and gives immense happiness to every one.
    A very nice article. Thank you. 😊🙏🏻

    1. That’s true. Making friendship with all ages gives us happiness and in return we also make them happy. The power of friendship is a force that transcends boundaries and encompasses all ages. It is a testament to the human spirit, a reminder that we are never truly alone on this journey. Through the laughter, the tears, the shared moments of joy and sorrow, friends are the threads that weave the tapestry of our lives.
      We all are friends of each other.

    1. It will be the best when there is a friendship between husband and wife. I can say it is essential. But in reality it is not.
      Thank you so much for your comments.
      Take care always.
      Be safe.

  3. Sir, friendship is a obscured and blanketed term of love. It is such a beautiful thing to experience and a golden ticket to spiritual maturity. Not often gets it’s true credits but always present for the young at hearts. I never knew friendship‘a origins which was too engaging to read. Thank you so much for this read. Be safe and take care 🙏

    1. Thank you so much Vishnupriya for your beautiful comments. I have experienced the essence of friendship lies in the unwavering support and unconditional love it offers. Whether we are navigating the treacherous waters of adolescence or gracefully stepping into the wisdom of old age, friends become our guiding stars, providing solace, laughter, and companionship along the way.
      I have power of friendship. It is a force that transcends boundaries and encompasses all ages. It is a testament to the human spirit, a reminder that we are never truly alone on this journey. I have received unconditional love from friends of all ages. There are few, whom even I have not met. But they have extended moral support whenever I felt low.
      So, it came into my mind to write an article on friendship.
      Based on my life experience, I have written what came to my mind.
      Best wishes for you always. I consider you as my Friend. Irrespective of age, there comes a good and pure bond. I name it friendship.
      Stay blessed always.

  4. In the English language there is the term “to be in love”, meaning sexual love. In contrast to this is the term to be “just friends”, meaning sexual love is excluded. So I guess, to “love” a friend is alright, but a friendship differs, if you say you’re “in love”. At the beginning of a marriage, you’re presumably “in love”. In a lot of marriages this may change from time to time perhaps over many, many years or so. If the “friendship” stays intact, I think there is a chance that any marriage difficulties can be overcome.

    1. You are right as far as English language is concerned. However, Love is Universal word and not limited to sexual love. The term “Love making” is meant for sexual intimacy. In general, we say Love you means an affection, an attachment, respect and all other good qualities excluding Sex. Like we say God loves us. Mother loves child. Same way! Thank you so much my dear friend Uta.
      Stay blessed always.
      Long live healthy and wealthy, with peace and prosperity.
      A big HUg.

  5. I read this before. I loved it.
    Friendship means a lot to me like many others in this world….

    I just wish to be away from unholy friendships.

    As you rightly said,
    “Unholy friendships contribute to societal issues such as greed, corruption, discrimination, and injustice, creating an environment that is characterized by conflict, selfishness, and a disregard for the common good.”

    Best wishes

  6. The theme of friendship is one of the topics that excite me. Noya is not yet ready to speak on this topic in her publication, although I think about it a lot.
    I love your thoughts on friendship. They inspire deep relationships between people, give hope that we are not alone in this world.
    I also think that friendship is good in relationships between family members and just acquaintances. You are absolutely right about the development of relationships with children as they grow up. Beautifully articulated. Also about the relationship of grandparents with grandchildren.
    Friendship elevates us above the ordinary. This is one of the wonderful spiritual practices that people use all their lives and which feeds us with strength and desire to live.

    Another very interesting topic for me is respect. I thought about it a lot. My thoughts are set out in a post on my blog about respect. Your opinion on these ideas would be interesting.

    I wish you well-being and prosperity!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I am truly inspired through your reply.
      Relationship is a great matter in human beings. So I thought that relationship is to be respected at any cost. I am maintaining my relationship at a cost. That led me towards enlightenment.
      I will visit your site as given in this link above. Will read and write replies.
      Best regards 🙏

      1. Keeping in touch is great, Arun.
        People are always looking for community with other people. They are tireless in this and experience great joy when this commonality is discovered.
        Friendship is the highest degree of commonality, when you definitely always perceive a friend as a part of yourself, and you always treat yourself favorably – even when you do not do the best things, you always try to feel the same emotions as your friend, at the first moment always unconditionally trust a friend. Otherwise, friendship is unlikely to develop. And if it happens to criticize a friend, then this is always only from a position of love – sincere and warm.
        Such relationships certainly lead to enlightenment. This is cool! 👏

        1. Your reply is awesome. I have the same opinion. Therefore I wrote the article on friendship. Friendship is the bond between two. Relation comes next. Where there is friendship, there is love, respect, and bonding.
          Friendship is the highest degree of commonality. Right you said.
          I have now developed a friendship with you. I believe that you are connected with me as a non-local connection what quantum theory suggests is true.
          I have written one post on Universal Connectedness.

          In my posts, “My journey through books”, I have expressed my events that changed my direction of life.
          Criticism in friendship is not bad, if it is constructive.
          I am so happy with your lines of thought.
          Your words resonate with mine.
          Have a blissful evening.
          It is 18:22, right here in Kolkata/ India 😀
          My name is Arun.
          What is your name please?
          Best wishes and regards 😊🙏

          1. Arun, it’s magic when there is such an invisible connection. A person is embraced by the happiness of understanding.
            Your words echo in my heart.

            I will read your publication “My journey through books”. The sources of personality development, its self-improvement are very interesting.

            My name is Olga. I’m in Moscow now – we have 17:57.

            With the deepest respect 🌞🕊

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