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Awareness: The Ultimate Truth


Awareness: IT is That which is Absolute, fills all space, is complete in Itself, to which there is no second and which is continuously present in everything, in every being and everywhere. It is homogeneous in nature. It is known as “Brahman in Vedanta”

Awareness is pure Consciousness.

There is no full proof scientific definition of Awareness in general . However, according to Advaita Vedanta philosophy, Reality is identified as “Brahman” . Brahman is identified as singular in nature, identical to the Self and known as Pure Being (Sat) , Awareness (Chit) and Bliss (Ananda). The visible world(Matter) is considered to be illusory (Maya~ Mithya). Bhagavad Gita says: Awareness is one and undivided in all beings , but it appears to be divided, when shinning through many bodies and minds. [ Ch-13: 16-18.]

Awareness is that, in which all experiences appear. It is that with which all experiences are made.

The common name is “I ” or “Self”. According to Vedas (Sacred Texts of ancient India), Brahman is Infinite being. All these refer to “THAT” in which experience appears. With which it is known and out of which it is made. Conventional view is that our thoughts and feelings, perceptions appear in ourselves through awareness.

Please read the following Paragraph carefully:

If we observe carefully, we will see these thoughts appear in some kind of Field. They appear in that space. Consciousness is not though a space but say a field or space like. Now may we close our eyes and allow our thoughts to move freely wherever it goes according to previous experiences. Think for a moment. It can be observed minutely. Does my attention ever leave the field of Awareness? Thoughts inside “I AM” and sound outside “I AM” are not separate. They are linked. Allow our attention to go wherever it goes and have a single question. Does ever my attention leave the Awareness? Try to leave the field out. Imagine out of box now, such as that experience which you have not experienced earlier. or remember that you landed on the Mars. New sets of perceptions appear. Now, are these new perceptions inside Awareness or outside Awareness? Is there any feeling, perceptions outside Awareness? Can we leave our Awareness where there is no feeling?

Simply and clearly nobody has ever come in contact with any experience outside of Awareness. Strangely our entire world culture is founded on a single belief . According to Science, there is a substance which exists outside Awareness and that substance is Matter. Matter is the fundamental reality of all existence. Classical physics, reductionists and science at least believe this that Consciousness is derived from Matter. This is the primary assumption as a whole. Since the invention of matter, scientists are saying that Awareness is product of Matter.

Now question arises. Q-1) What is the nature of Universe? Q-2) How Awareness can be derived from matter? Both are contradictory. For question no. 1): Science do not ever acknowledge that we have answer. For question no. 2): How is Awareness derived from Matter (from brain arises consciousness…but brain is matter). We presumed that the stuff called matter is Universe and then we ask how Awareness derived from matter. Now, the question is how the Universe has come up?

Awareness is our experience.

Now therefore, Awareness is our subject to be known, the field of study. We are aware of what we have experienced. What is the nature of that knowing that is more important. Until we know the nature of knowing with which our experience is known, or until we know the nature of the Awareness where our experience appears we cannot know anything that is true about the body, mind and beyond.

We must first know what the nature of Awareness is?

Now if we ask ourselves ” Am I aware”? Then comes the answer “yes”. There is some gap between two thoughts. What happens is that after putting the first question “Am I aware” question makes some pause and ask the system to get the reply and there it collapses and reply the answer “yes”. During this gap of time, awareness tests itself momentarily. In the pause between the question, I am aware that I am aware. Awareness knows itself. That is the pause and it is Awareness itself who replies yes I am aware. I AM AWARE THAT I AM AWARE.

“No mind” : What is it?

Think of that which is not objective and see.

Awareness recognizes its own Being. Only awareness knows that it is awareness. No mind is the answer. Although thought is made of awareness only, yet it cannot know the stuff it is made of. Awareness is a field which is aware that it is a field adding a space like quality. It is empty from the point of view of objective. It is free from objective. It is like a screen of awareness where all the experiences appear. There is single Awareness (NON DUAL).

Awareness is fundamental:

We can say it is Universal Consciousness. It has no border, it has no shape, no form, not distinguishable, the single infinite, indivisible entity(The whole, the ONE).

Now, imagine a scene of dream. Dream breaks, then what remains in mind? What was in dream? Where is the scene seen? Seen by whom?

In the study of Awareness , there is a break through by Upanishads: NON-DUAL VEDANTA (ADVAITA VEDANTA). It is not about mystical experiences too. It is about daily experiences like awaking , dreaming and deep sleep. Now let us apply some logical thoughts and investigate.

Vedanta is an investigation to find out who or what we are? When we will realize that we are not limited to this body of flesh and blood, but we are immortal Awareness.

It is a journey from not knowing to knowing. There are methodologies to understand, to establish logics. We may refer the text “DIG DRISHYA VIVEKA which has been written some 700 years back.

  • We see the world through eyes. Eyes are distinct from what it sees. Here, eyes are the seer.
  • I am aware of the eyes , that eyes are object. Mind is seer and eyes are now object. Eyes and mind are separate.

Let us think deeply. Mind is the observer of the body , because it observes through all sense organs. it is seer here. Let us observe Mind now. Mind itself which constitutes our thoughts, feeling, emotions , ideas are changing, which are never static.

I am aware that whether,

  • I am happy or not.

  • I understand or do not understand.

  • I like or do not like.

  • I love or do not love.

  • I hate or do not hate.

  • I am angry or not angry.

All above are expressions of our mind. These are wave of thoughts. So, I am aware of all the changes in my mind. Therefore, I am the witness of the mind. Hence mind is seen by Me. Evidently , I am distinct from the MIND. I am not the mind, but witness of the mind. Seer and seen are different. I am that who illumines my MIND.

Now that I am distinct from this Body and Mind . So, Who Am I?

Answer is :– I Am the Awareness. I Am the Witness of the Body and Mind. This Self, this pure Subject, is not an object. It cannot be known. I AM always Awareness, not something else.


The knowing of consciousness with which we experience, cannot be divided into parts. Trace the “I” to its origin after removing all experiences to the essence of nature of our minds, we will land into same Consciousness. Our finite minds overlap, and we call that the outside world and part of minds which do not overlap, we call it that thoughts and feelings. Our minds are the elements of the Universal consciousness. We do share the world of same Consciousness.

List of Books : Recommended For Interested Readers:

  1. Thought As a System: By DAVID BOHM
  2. BIOCENTRISM:– How life and consciousness are the keys to Understanding the True Nature of The Universe: By Robert Lanza, MD with BOB BERMAN
  3. Beyond Biocentrism- Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness and the illusion of Death. By Robert Lanza, MD with BOB BERMAN
  4. Entangled Minds- Extra Sensory Experiences in A Quantum Reality. By DEAN RADIN.
  5. Expand Your Consciousness through DAVID K MILLER
  6. QUANTUM ENIGMA -Physics Encounter Consciousness: By Bruce Rosen Blum and Fred Kuttner.
  7. Back to the Truth: 5000 years of ADVAITA by Dennis Waite.**
  8. THE TEN PRINCIPAL UPANISHADS: Translated by Shree Purohit** Swami and W.B.Yeats
  9. Brahma Sutra Bhasya of Sankaracharya: Translated by Swami Gambhirananda.**
  10. EIGHT UPANISADS -VOL-1 with commentary of Sankaracharya, Translated by SWAMI GAMBHIRANANDA.
  11. A-U-M Awakening to Reality : By Dennis Waite***
  12. Panchadasi: Swami Vidyaranya:
  13. Information available on internet.

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34 thoughts on “Awareness: The Ultimate Truth”

  1. Very nicely explained Arun da..i read your posts over n over to get the essence.very nice.keep posting👍👍

    1. I think, I also will need to read it several times, for I’d like to be able to understand it a bit better. Uta Hannemann, NSW, Australia

      Thanks, Arun Singha, for all the likes to my blogs! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much Uta for your reply and comments. I am thankful for that you have gone through my posts. Nice meeting you.
        What I share is just a gist from ancient philosophies, which are believed to be composed about 5000 years ago and these Texts were transferred through verbal communication generation to generation.
        It is known as NON-Dual theory.
        I will request you to read and ask me if you have any question onany statement.
        I will be very happy to answer.

        I will request you to read one general post: Initially you may feel boring but if you can concentrate and spare time, then you will surely understand the science behind our MIND. first comes Body, then, breath, then mind, then intellect and then Bliss ….and then what remains……………That is your original identity. The Root. I believe you will like it. 😊🙏

        Link is :

  2. Looking for consciousness inside the brain, is like looking for the speaker inside the radio.
    Marvelous! Thank you, Arun😊

  3. Once again a wonderful post. What I got to understand is there are a number of things that can cause changes or alterations in consciousness. Some of these occur naturally, while others are the result of things such as drugs or damage to the brain. Changes to consciousness can also result in changes in perception, thinking, understanding, and interpretations of the world. Thanks for sharing. 😊🙏

    1. You are absolutely right Anita Ji.
      Pure Consciousness is unchanging.
      That is sat-chit-ananda
      Sat= Ever existing
      Chit= Pure Consciousness
      Anand= This Consciousness is Bliss
      We are all pure Consciousness. We have forgotten that.
      Through Meditation, we can bring back our original nature.
      Thank you so much for your comments 😊
      I got inspired.😊🙏🙏

        1. Yes Anita Ji, Yes. Ji Ji
          Please reblog. Let all know about our SANATANA Dharma; The Ultimate Reality: The NON-DUAL Dharana.
          My best regards to you.

            1. I don’t know Anita Ji 😊
              I have to check it and get it done through customer support of WordPress.
              You can share the link through other means 🙂🙏
              Thank you so much for your support ☺️

  4. This article was reposted by another blogger. I am grateful for the share. I plan to read more of your posts as you suggested, however, I am enjoying your perspective in this article. Thank you so much for freely sharing this important information.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback.
      I am inspired by your comments. I am learning and sharing.
      In One of the Ten principal Upanishads (Taittiriya Upanishad), sage says: ” Learn and Teach” which means share the knowledge. This knowledge is Universal knowledge. That is why I read and write and share 😃🙏
      Thank you so much
      Regards 🙏🙏

    2. Jesus (Yeshua) and Budhha are two examples of humans who were able to live in the heavenly realm and physical realm simultaneously while still in the physical body.
      Above lines are from your post.
      Very rich post with content full of wisdom.
      One nead not die to go to heaven as you said.
      This is known as “JIVAN MUKTI VIVEKA” Means liberation, while living. Liberation is from ignorance, sufferings, and miseries.
      I didn’t find your site follow button and didn’t find space for comments.
      I will explore further.
      Your posts are excellent and must read.
      Regards 😊🙏

        1. As above, so below: In this journey for gaining Wisdom, Enlightenment, we are together. Our goal is same.
          Maybe, we are far away from each other by distance. This distance is nothing when we consider the Absolute.
          Spiritual growth is must for human being.
          I am highly grateful to be connected with you in this world of Blog.
          I am very happy too, to interact with you 😊🙏
          Let us work together to establish a peaceful world, through love and purity of mind.
          My best regards to you.
          I am Arun from India 🙏

  5. Sir, your explanation is cut to the chase approach which admires me as ever and happy to have your thoughts in writings. Hope am allowed to share few more points here. Atma I is not or am not limited in terms of space then who am I? Basically I am not here or there, inside or outside all of which are coordinates in space. In all this what is invariable is consciousness which is called anvaya vathireka there is ignorance that Aatma I is separate but take this analogy I see many waves and ocean and as one wave I feel separate from ocean and other waves but truth is only water. Water alone is. And all waves and ocean is also water. The only water exists. Hope it makes sense. 🙏

    1. I see many waves and ocean and as one wave I feel separate from ocean and other waves but truth is only water. ……………………..Exactly Vishnupriya!
      You have the required knowledge from early years, so you can explain with proper examples.
      “Basically I am not here or there, inside or outside all of which are coordinates in space. In all this what is invariable is consciousness which is called anvaya vathireka” ………………Absolutely right.
      That I is beyond time and space. No co-ordinates can position it. Beyond space. This is Infinity only . Brahman…………The awareness. Within and without. As above so below. Greater than greatest and lesser than least.
      I am thankful to you for the reason that you always elaborate these texts with your appropriate knowledge in terms of Advaita Vedanta philosophy.
      happy to be connected with you.
      Best wishes.
      stay blessed always.😊🙏😊

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