My journey through Books: Part-3 [ A Quantum Touch]

In this post, I will emphasize on my miraculous experiences, which I consider as chances in my favour. This was possible by the effective study and practice of activating “Power of Subconscious Mind”.

I consider those events as miracles, because I got links and guidance from unseen and invisible Power within. It is as if someone is guiding through several means, continuously, to get whatever is required in the path to progress.

As I mentioned in my previous post that the most important scientific Book helped me was:

” THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF: 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles: Lipton Bruce H.”

What Influenced me while reading the book?

Research made at Stanford University’s School of Medicine by Bruce Lipton revealed that the environment operating through the cell membrane controlled the behaviour and physiology of cells, turning genes on and off.  I was reading the book and at the same time I was watching his series of lectures at different places all over the world. Bruce mentioned in his lectures about Quantum Physics.

Quantum physics says that the world visible to us we believe, is composed of matter, which is nothing but illusion. Everything is Energy. There is no such thing as matter. as such I felt an urge to study ” Quantum Physics“. As you know that by this time, I finished the famous book The Power of your Subconscious Mind”: By Joseph Murphy

Study of Quantum Physics became a necessity for me. 

And Miracle Happened [16/12/2018]!

One fine morning, all on a sudden, one of my senior colleagues, Shri Amar Kanti Pal, came to my residence and suggested me to do ongoing physics course from IIT/KANPUR under the leadership of well-known prof H C VERMA. Immediately enrolled first course “Basics of Special Theory of Relativity “.

I am happy to share my certificate here:

I developed immense interest [intense desire] to learn more and more on Subconscious mind, Quantum, Philosophy, life experiences, life cycle, human sufferings, etc. which are all interrelated topics. As a result, I got chance to study further and further from the courses conducted by Indian Institute of Technology. KANPUR.

Another Miracle!

The Second course, the most desired and most important was ” Basics of Quantum Mechanics” which helped me to grasp sacred Texts of Upanishads [ ADVAITA VEDANTA]: 

Initially, I found the course very interesting which started becoming tough later on but managed with rigorous studies.

Max Planck is said to be father of quantum Mechanics. see what he said:

That is why I consider these studies as chances (as miracles).

Course on Quantum mechanics was highly beneficial for me because, when I was studying ancient Indian philosophy (Advaita Vedanta), I came across so many writers, speakers, scientists who referred quantum physics, quantum biology for understanding the Reality as mentioned in Vedanta. To some extent understood what the subjects says. 
I noticed that most of the modern writers, pointed towards quantum physics for understanding the Subject/object, Observer/observed, seer/seen related topics mainly when the subject is consciousness. Advaita Vedanta focuses on consciousness, which is the cause of this Universe, not the matter. Material realism can no longer be the only ontological explanation for the Universe. Human consciousness cannot be ignored.

Classical Physics vs Quantum Physics:

Laws of classical physics [ NEWTONIAN PHYSICS] is based on matters and 3D system which affirms that there is always separation between the KNOWER & KNOWN (object). Classical physics doesn’t work in the study of subatomic particle’s behaviour and thus in the study of life science. Here matter creates Consciousness.
Whereas Quantum physics works well in the study of subatomic particles which are building blocks of this Universe and basically, its nature is waves. This quantum mechanics theory suggests abolishing absolute separation between the KNOWN & KNOWER. Here Consciousness creates matter.

In quantum theory, we have seen objects exists in more than one place at the same time as a wave.

Three distinct and major areas of Quantum theory give bewildering results.

1. Entanglement:

It is connectedness between two objects so intimate that they behave as one, instantly and forever, even if they are separated by the width of galaxies. Double slit experiment clears its spookiness. 

2. Complementarity:

As formulated by Niels Bohr, a leading founder of quantum physics, the principle holds that objects can display themselves in one way or another, but not both. In fact, the object does not have an existence in particular location with specific motion. Only the observer’s knowledge and activities cause it to come into existence in some place or with some particular animation. At an instant, an object may be either a wave or a particle, but not both.

3. Wave function collapse:

This supports that Biocentrism is wave function collapse when we try to measure an object in its subatomic level it’s wave function collapse. At the moment of observation, it takes a definite existence.

According to German physicist MAX BORN (1926), Quantum waves are “waves of probability”, not waves of material.

A wave of Probability is nothing but a likely outcome. Point to be noted here that materials are made of subatomic particles. Subatomic particles behave as wave until OBSEVER tries to measure it. And wave is intangible.
Noble physicist John Wheeler once said,” No phenomenon is real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon” Above statement is very important in the perspective of Vedanta and Quantum mechanics. There is more to write. May Maybe next time.

And the third course was “Advanced course on Special theory of Relativity”.

" Learning is the only thing the mind never exhaust, never fears, and never regrets" This was stated by Leonardo Da Vinci, who was well known Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect and engineer (1452-1519)."

Thus, I believe very clearly, that our consciousness creates our life experiences. We no longer have to view ourselves as passive, or unable to influence our material circumstances. We are not victims of what’s happening.

My personal experiences made me understand, that our Consciousness creates reality in life as because mind sends signals to the nervous system, which controls genes and that is Epigenetics (Above genes). 

We need to rewrite our Subconscious programmes.


a) Study of Quantum physics made me believe that Thoughts create Reality!

b) I realised that there is a mechanism where Higher Intelligence works inside our body and mind, and it is connected to Universal Mind.

c) Many people have heard about placebo effect. This is a term that is frequently used in modern science to describe how conscious mind creates healing of body thinking positive.

d) All my conscious attention is focused in gaining knowledge [Brahma Vidya]. As such my energy has been invested mostly in learning and sharing. I wish to live my life in a state of love.

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