A mindset of Gratitude: For The SUN ☀

Gratitude is a powerful emotion:

Expressing gratitude can have a significant impact on our mental and physical well-being. Here are a few reasons why gratitude is important:

  1. Enhances positive emotions: Gratitude helps us cultivate positive emotions such as happiness, joy, and contentment. By focusing on the good things in our lives and appreciating the people and things that bring us joy, we can increase our overall sense of well-being and happiness.
  2. Improves relationships: Gratitude can strengthen our relationships by helping us appreciate the people in our lives and fostering a sense of connection and empathy. 
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety: Gratitude has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting positive emotions and helping us focus on the present moment. 
  4. Increases resilience: Gratitude can help us build resilience by encouraging us to focus on our strengths and the positive aspects of our lives, even in difficult situations. 
  5. Improves physical health: Gratitude has been linked to a range of physical health benefits, including improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and better heart health. 

Focusing on What You Have Can Bring More Abundance into Your Life:

Gratitude is an attitude of appreciation and thankfulness towards the things and people in our lives. It helps us to focus on what we have rather than what we lack, and to recognize the goodness in our lives.

Let us start with the gratitude towards the SUN.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Photo by  Pexels.com

“The Importance of Gratitude for the Sun: How Our Star Brings Light and Life to Our Planet”

The sun is an incredible star that provides light, heat, and energy to our planet. We owe our very existence to this massive ball of gas, and yet, we often forget to express gratitude for all that it does for us. In this article, we will explore why it is essential to be thankful for the sun and how we can benefit from practicing gratitude towards it. The sun is an important symbol in Hinduism, and its resemblance to salvation is described in the Vedas. Just as the sun is the source of all life and energy, salvation is the ultimate source of peace and happiness. 

SUN does not discriminate who is bad or who is good. The Sun gives its light to everyone and every being.

Above statement is a profound philosophical concept that reflects the universal nature of the SUN and its role in sustaining life on Earth. In philosophy, this concept can be understood through the lens of non-Dualism, which suggests that there is no separation between the self and the Universe. According to nondualism, everything is interconnected and interdependent, and the apparent divisions between different beings and objects are illusory.

SUN recognizes the inherent interconnectedness of all things and understands that every being is a manifestation of the same universal consciousness.

The SUN’s rays are an expression of this universal life force, which is not biased towards any particular being or object. The SUN shines its light and gives its energy to all beings equally, regardless of their qualities or actions.  SUN’s rays represent the unconditional love and acceptance that is at the heart of nondualism. 

We must glorify five basic elements as mentioned that are mentioned in the Vedas. According to the Vedas, the universe is made up of five basic elements, which are:
  1. Earth: This element represents the solid aspect of nature. It provides us with a foundation to stand on, and it is the source of all minerals and nutrients that we need for our survival.
  2. Water: This element represents the fluid aspect of nature. It is the source of life, and it provides us with hydration and nourishment. It is also essential for the growth of all living things.
  3. Fire: This element represents the energy aspect of nature. It provides us with light, warmth, and energy, and it is the source of all transformation and change.
  4. Air: This element represents the gaseous aspect of nature. It is the source of all movement and communication, and it is essential for the exchange of gases that we need to breathe.
  5. Space: This element represents the etheric aspect of nature. It is the source of all sound, and it provides us with the space and freedom to move and grow.

We should be grateful for these five basic elements as they are the building blocks of the universe and our existence. They provide us with everything we need for our survival and growth. 


By recognizing the universal nature of the SUN’s rays and their role in sustaining life, we can cultivate a deeper sense of connection and compassion for all beings, regardless of their qualities or actions.  By cultivating gratitude, we can enhance positive emotions, improve our relationships, reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience, and improve our physical health.

Photo by willsantt on Pexels.com