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Cosmic Harmony: Navigating Non-Dualism

What’s the first impression you want to give people?

Philosophical Foundation: Embracing Non-Dualism

In presenting my initial impression, I want to convey a profound philosophical stance firmly rooted in non-dualism. This perspective underscores the inherent interconnectedness that binds us all. I believe in the idea that we are not isolated entities but rather integral parts of the vast cosmos, intricately woven into the fabric of existence.

Conceptual science and non-dualistic views of the universe


The Cosmic Tapestry: Embracing Universal Connectedness
My worldview is shaped by the notion of universal connectedness, where every element, from the smallest particle to the grand cosmos, is entangled. This interconnectedness echoes the essence of the Big Bang theory, illustrating how we all originate from a singular point and share a cosmic connection. It’s a perspective that transcends individual boundaries, emphasizing the unity that underlies the diversity of existence.

Cyclical Universe: States of Existence

I perceive the universe as a cyclical entity, traversing through distinct states that contribute to the richness of cosmic experience. The three principal states — Causal, Subtle, and Gross — symbolize the dynamic nature of existence. These states are transient, emerging from the entirety of the cosmos and eventually merging back into the whole. This cyclical nature not only mirrors the physical aspects of the universe but also encapsulates the spiritual and conscious dimensions of our existence.

Infinitude in Repetition: The Eternal Cycle

Central to my first impression is the concept of an infinite and repeating cycle. The universe, in its perpetual journey, follows a path that transcends time and space. The repetition of these cycles echoes the eternal nature of existence, highlighting the continuous dance between creation and dissolution. It is a philosophy that embraces cyclical rhythm as a fundamental aspect of the cosmic order.

Towards Pure Consciousness: The Ultimate Merger
Beyond the transient states, my belief extends to the idea of reaching the pure consciousness state. This represents the culmination of the cosmic journey, where individual elements merge seamlessly into the whole. It is a state of transcendence, reflecting the ultimate destination of every cycle and underscoring the inherent unity that binds all aspects of existence.

In essence, my first impression is a tapestry woven with threads of non-dualism, universal connectedness, cyclical states, and the pursuit of pure consciousness. It reflects a holistic understanding of our place in the cosmos, inviting contemplation on the profound interplay of the physical, spiritual, and conscious dimensions of existence.

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