Convergence of Science and Spirituality

What book are you reading right now?

“Souls of Distortion Awakening” by Jan Wicherink”

The writer of this book believes that today’s world view will be replaced by a new scientific vision right at the time when humanity has come to a crossroad.

We are facing immense ecological balance. Climate changes seem irreversible. There is violence in every corner of the Globe. Violence gets more and more as years passes. The threat of terrorism poses a real danger to the world’s stability. So where is the hope?

Reading “Souls of Distortion: Awakening” The book is not about the end of the world. On the contrary it is the end of the world 🌎 we know today. It is the book about the birth of a brighter world based on scientific studies with solid proof. This book has 🔥 a spark of wonder and curiosity in me.

Non Locality: This book describes quantum science which is my subject of great interest where I find the convergence of Vedanta and Quantum Sciences. Non locality and Quantum entanglement is not restricted to theory only. This is practically possible to demonstrate. Quantum teleportation has been established. I find That non-dualistic views in all these as said in the Upanishads about Brahman.

String theory : Different subatomic particles manifest through the vibration of strings. OM is vibration according to the Vedas. OM is Brahman, the ultimate reality.

Chaos Theory: This theory says that our universe doesn’t abide by strictly the laws of physics. According to Chaos theory, the universe by no means is deterministic.

There is a lot to learn from the book. Science and Consciousness has to be studied in depth. In my previous articles I have shared some knowledge regarding quantum brain 🧠

The healing power of mind: The mind has the capability to produce every drug and is capable of maintaining sound health through the placebo effect.

Collective Consciousness: A consciousness shared by all human beings? Possible? Yes possible 😀

There is a lot more to know 😀

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Arun Singha

Retired from AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA as Dy. General Manager (CNS).BSc(Mathematics Honors). Age 60years. Studying ancient Indian Philosophy along with modern physics and modern Biology. Follow Dr. Bruce H Lipton, Dr. JOE DISPENJA , Gregg Braden and Swami Sarvapriyananda among others. Writing consolidated articles on Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta and other ancient Indian Texts. Wish to work for the society to help people through personal guidance, motivation. Self has work experience of 36 years in the field of Air Navigation Service at different Airports in India. Gained vast experience in handling man and machine. Would like to reach to the people to share my life experiences, how I had overcome great challenges and difficulties at different times and positions.

7 thoughts on “Convergence of Science and Spirituality”

  1. Dear ARUNSINGHA, i love all your works. i am currently studying Novel Statistical Analysis, Results of UFO reports from 250 BC -2 BC. They are part of my works. Thankyou for all the wonderful knowledge you share. peace love and greetings from oz. Gary J

    1. Respected Gary J ji,
      🙏 Namaste. Thank you so much for your comments and reply ☺️
      I am very thankful.
      I am interested in your work.
      Will read your work to gather knowledge in the field of UFO.
      It will be a great opportunity to know the reports as you have mentioned.
      Together we can learn more.
      I believe in universal Connectedness. We are not seperate, though we are far away. There is one topic in quantum physics “Quantum Entanglement’. We all are entangled.
      I am thankful to you 🙏
      Regards ☺️

      1. Dear Arun Singha, Namaste. Yes, universal connectedness is quantum entanglement, described by either conciousness or simply existing. It is like humanity in an ocean of enlightenment that persists in swimming to gods for help to achieve it. But i am often wrong. you are appreciated, you give much and i wish you and yours peace and love.
        Gary J

    1. Thank you so much Shipra for your support and encouragement 😊
      Just tried with the mobile. I do it on my laptop.
      I have come to stay with my mom for a few days. Laptop is not here with me.
      Thank you so much for your feedback ☺️
      Best wishes 🤞🙏

  2. Hello ^^ Thank you for your informative post. I’ve subscribed to you. I hope we get to know each other often Have a nice day today ^^!!🚨🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🛑🚨🛑🚨🚨🚨🚨🛟🛟🚨🛟🚨🛟🚨🛟🚨🛟🚨🛟🚨🛟🚨🛟🚀🛟🚀🛟🚀🛟🚀🛟✈️🚨✈️🚨✈️🚨✈️🚨✈️🚨🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🛟🛑🛟🛑🛟🛑🛟🛑🛟🛑🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🛟🛑🛟🛑🛑⏰️🛑⏰️🛑⏰️⏰️🛑⏰️🛑⏰️🛑🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑⛽️🛑⛽️🛑🛑🛟🛑🛟🛑

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