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What is it that I could do more of?

What could you do more of?

As I continue on my path of self-improvement, I often find myself thinking about key factors that might have boosted my success and development had I included them sooner in my life. The five main topics I explore are letting go of possessiveness, getting over the fear of failure, engaging in proactive inactivity, harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, and embracing profound philosophical understanding, all of which are informed by my personal experiences. My hope is that the insights gained through this introspection will be useful to those who are also on a path toward greater personal and professional fulfilment.

1. Shedding Possessiveness: My Personal Findings:

In my personal journey, I’ve come to understand that possessiveness, frequently rooted in attachment and fear, holds the potential to be a significant hindrance to personal growth. My experiences have shown that an early liberation from this binding emotion can be transformative, unlocking doors to heightened creativity, enhanced collaboration, and unprecedented personal development.

The negative effects of desires for name, fame, pride, and possessiveness became apparent in their ability to impede positive academic growth. This insight prompted a shift in focus towards a more expansive and enriching life, transcending the limitations imposed by the grasping nature of possessiveness.

2. Overcoming the Fear of Failure and Bullying: A Personal Journey:

Fear of failure is widespread and may paralyze if unchecked. In my own path, this dread, frequently compounded by bullying, has annihilated my confidence and inner strength.

My improvement has come from accepting failure as part of learning. This paradigm change has helped me see setbacks as opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. This viewpoint also helped me overcome bullying’s negative consequences on my self-esteem and agency.

I handle life’s obstacles by seeing failure as a chance to learn and become resilient. By viewing failure as a learning opportunity, I have cultivated both my economical and intellectual skills. This attitude change has increased my ability to succeed and given my path fresh energy, allowing me to overcome obstacles.

Managing my bullying fear has also been crucial to my growth. Knowing that bullying may lower self-esteem has enabled me to seek help, build resilience, and adopt proactive self-preservation measures. Through this process, I have learnt that facing and conquering failure and bullying fears is a sign of personal strength and a step toward overall growth and well-being.

4. How I Discovered to Use My Subconscious Mind’s Latent Potential:

Through my own quest for self-improvement, I have come to recognize the vast latent potential of the subconscious mind. This pool of unrealized potential is the doorway to extraordinary originality, resourcefulness, and introspection. When I think back on my own life, I realize that if I had been exposed to methods for awakening and channelling this dormant potential sooner, it may have made a huge difference. 

In my blogs under “My Journey through Books,” I describe how reading Joseph Murphy’s seminal work “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” was a watershed experience. This enlightening tome revealed the transformational power of the subconscious mind and the systems that regulate it. As a result, I began engaging in activities like meditation, positive affirmations, and visualizing a successful outcome.

5. A Search for Insightful Understanding:

Teachings like those contained in the Upanishads, which contain deep wisdom, provide a transforming framework for making sense of the complex web of existence. When I consider my own journey, I understand that if I had accepted such profound wisdom earlier, say in my mid-thirties or perhaps sooner, it would have given my life direction and clarity.

It wasn’t until I explored the depths of quantum physics and Non-Duality (Advaita Vedanta) that I realized the ultimate reality, discovered who I really am, and jumped to a whole new level of comprehension. In retrospect, I see that this insight may have been understood sooner, but I was too blinded by my own ignorance to see it at the time. Surprisingly, the path, access to experienced mentors, and institutions were all made available to me, but I let the grip of possessiveness derail me.

Patanjali’s Yoga sutras have the illuminative ability to lead one to a place of inner calm and profound fulfilment by teaching the concepts of justice and non-dual thought, which are essential aspects of Advaita Vedanta. When practiced, these guidelines illuminate the way to inner growth and a more meaningful relationship to the cosmos.


Finding Balance on the Road to Holistic Development: –

As I look on my own personal development thus far, I am keenly aware of the immense difference these five factors could have made in my progress had I embraced them earlier. These are the stepping stones that would have expedited my journey toward holistic growth far earlier: letting go of possessiveness, accepting failure, practicing thoughtful inactivity, engaging the power of the subconscious mind, and immersing oneself in profound wisdom.

Looking back, I realize that my experience might have been much more rewarding if I had learned how to properly counteract bullying. The fight against bullies continues, but it is now armed with facts, strengthened by meditation, and backed by prayers. With this strategy, I feel prepared to face these obstacles head-on.

When viewed through a Vedantic lens, this path to self-awareness is consistent with Advaita Vedanta’s central tenet that the self is the ultimate reality, unbounded by form or content. Adopting these life-altering principles not only helps the adoptee, but also has a ripple effect on those around them. As I continue on my path toward enlightenment, transcendence, and the ultimate actualization of my complete potential, I find new meaning in the teachings of Vedanta.

These musings are more than simply an exercise in introspection; they serve as a guidepost on the path to growth and perfection. Using these discoveries proactively, people may launch themselves on a path of development, breaking through self-imposed barriers to become their best selves. The pursuit of wholeness is timeless, as it is an ongoing adventure into the boundless potential that lies inside each of us.

My most important & recent works are listed below: –

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From Turmoil to Triumph: The Alchemy of Life’s Trials

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What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?

9 thoughts on “What is it that I could do more of?”

  1. Your thoughts, Arun, based on teachings of ancient sages impressed me greatly!
    The book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is on my desk and read often.
    Thank you, Arun, for your excellent post! Each word that you have written resonates with me!


    1. Thank you, Joanna, for your lovely reply.
      I came across the book “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius about four years ago, and it has left a profound impact on me. It’s a work of wisdom and introspection that I find myself returning to frequently. Marcus Aurelius’ contemplations on life, virtue, and our place in the world are both timeless and incredibly relevant. Reading this book has been a transformative experience, shaping my perspective and guiding me in my journey towards a more meaningful and principled existence.

      Dealing with persistent bullies at work remains a challenge, often disrupting my peace, especially during meditation. It’s a struggle to maintain focus amidst the turmoil they create. Yet I persevere, holding onto the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius. His teachings remind me to find strength within, to rise above the negativity, and to cultivate inner peace even in the face of adversity. Each day, I strive to embody his principles, seeking solace and fortitude in his timeless words.

      Sometimes, I long to lean on understanding shoulders like you, especially those versed in these profound realms of knowledge. It’s in those moments that I find solace and connection. Knowing there are kindred spirits who comprehend this depth brings comfort to my heart. Tears cleanse the wounds inflicted by bullies, allowing me to release the pain and find solace within. In their flow, I reclaim my strength and resolve to rise above the suffering.

      Thank you so much. Kind regards.

  2. You write about very important things, Arun. 💡💡💡
    If we consider these things abstractly, without reference to a specific person, then they would greatly help all people in life.
    But for each specific person, these things could work precisely at the moment when this specific person is able to realize them and let them into his life. I believe that everyone joins various helpers in self-improvement exactly when they are ready for it. If there is no readiness, then a person will not allow thoughts into his life that can change it and make it better. Everything has its time.
    Regrets about something are the lot of people who realize that they can no longer do anything in their lives or the lot of stagnant individuals. I try not to give in to regrets. It is impossible to extract a construct from them.
    Therefore, I think that you, Arun, came to your current worldview precisely at the moment when you were ready for it. And now you can look to the future with hope, without looking back at your regrets. 🔮🔮🔮

    I wish you optimism and faith in the future!🥳

    1. Thank you so much, Olga, for your detailed reply. Sorry for the delay in replying to you. My health was down for about 3 days due to an increase in blood pressure, which went unnoticed until I had some uneasy feelings.
      My family members told me to take a complete rest, and I followed them. The family doctor advised keeping an eye on the BP readings.
      Today I am good.
      In response to your comments, here are my points.
      You are absolutely right. Emphasizing the importance of timing and readiness is insightful. Different people are at different stages in their lives, and what resonates with one person might not resonate with another. It’s good to acknowledge that people find self-improvement resources and assistance when they’re ready. It emphasizes that open and ready individuals are more open to change and progress.

      For me, something happened that made me feel like I was left alone. Through my blog, ” My Journey through Books”, I have mentioned everything. Few books saved me when I was in turmoil. You can say that was my readiness.

      Your comments and suggestions are very appropriate for me. You have rightly understood.

      Thank you so much.
      Best wishes, my dear friend.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Arun. 🤝👋🤗 I wish you health. This is important for our life.
        I hope you feel better and continue on your journey without any doubts or regrets.
        I wish you harmony and good health!🤗

  3. Thanks for your reply, Arun. 🤗 I wish you health. This is important for our life.
    I hope you feel better and continue on your journey without any doubts or regrets.
    I wish you harmony and good health!🤝👋🤗

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