What would you change about modern society?

In response to “Daily Prompts”: Unlocking the Path to Progress with Two Foundational Pillars at Its Core!

  1. “To propel modern society towards true progress, we must dismantle “wrong perceptions” and embrace accurate understanding through critical thinking and open-mindedness.”
  2. “Creating a brighter future for all hinges on fostering a culture that values inclusivity, empathy, and open dialogue – “giving space to others” as we journey together on the broad path to progress.”

“Wrong Perceptions”: Main roadblock.

Addressing wrong perceptions can indeed lead to improvements in various areas of humanity. 

Misguided Beliefs:

Human minds often hold onto misguided beliefs, which can prevent us from embracing new ideas and adapting to change. These false perceptions create resistance to progress and innovation.

Fear of the Unknown:

Wrong perceptions can stem from fear of the unknown, leading people to resist advancements or changes that challenge their existing worldview. This fear can impede societal progress.

Cultural Conditioning- “Vital Point”:

Society’s cultural norms and traditions can instil wrong perceptions that hinder progress. Challenging these ingrained beliefs often meets resistance.

Lack of Empathy:

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Absence of right understanding can arise from a lack of empathy, preventing individuals from understanding others’ perspectives and hindering collective problem-solving.

Critical Thinking:

Develop the ability to critically analyse information, questioning assumptions, and evaluating evidence. This helps in identifying and rectifying misconceptions.

Status Quo Bias:

Humans often prefer the familiar over the unfamiliar, leading to a resistance to change, even when it may lead to positive advancements in society.

“Giving Space to Others”:

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Incorporating the principle of “Giving Space to Others” can indeed help individuals and society overcome the roadblocks of slow progress in modern society. By embracing this principle, we foster an environment where diverse perspectives are acknowledged, respected, and valued. This, in turn, leads to several positive outcomes that contribute to faster progress and growth:


In the journey towards progress, right understanding emerges as a potent tool to dismantle the roadblocks created by wrong perceptions within modern society. By recognizing the significance of embracing truth over prejudice, humanity can transcend limitations that hinder collective growth.

Right understanding empowers individuals to shed misguided beliefs and confront the fear of the unknown. It cultivates a sense of curiosity that allows for the exploration of diverse perspectives, breaking free from echo chambers and confirmation biases. Moreover, it encourages empathy and emotional intelligence, fostering an environment where cooperation and problem-solving thrive.

Furthermore, nurturing humility over ego and welcoming cognitive dissonance becomes a transformative force. It encourages people to question their own beliefs, enabling the pursuit of truth even when it challenges deeply entrenched views.

Ultimately, right understanding liberates modern society from the shackles of wrong perceptions, opening the doors to a future characterized by growth, harmony, and equitable progress. It requires an individual and collective commitment to self-awareness and an openness to learning from one another. As we embark on this journey of understanding, we pave the way for a brighter, more enlightened world where the obstacles of false perceptions cease to obstruct our shared path to a better future.

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Arun Singha

Retired from AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA as Dy. General Manager (CNS).BSc(Mathematics Honors). Age 60years. Studying ancient Indian Philosophy along with modern physics and modern Biology. Follow Dr. Bruce H Lipton, Dr. JOE DISPENJA , Gregg Braden and Swami Sarvapriyananda among others. Writing consolidated articles on Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta and other ancient Indian Texts. Wish to work for the society to help people through personal guidance, motivation. Self has work experience of 36 years in the field of Air Navigation Service at different Airports in India. Gained vast experience in handling man and machine. Would like to reach to the people to share my life experiences, how I had overcome great challenges and difficulties at different times and positions.

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    1. I have gone through the post. Awesome. I have given my comments and feedback on your site(post). Anger, when left unbridled, becomes a formidable force that can shatter inner peace and hinder our spiritual evolution. It acts as a barrier, impeding the flow of positive energy and obstructing the path to self-awareness and enlightenment.

      Best wishes.
      Take care.

      1. thanks A LOT ARUN sir for taking time from your schedule . and visiting my blog .
        Yes sir you’re right anger is something i think could be controllable. I mean its not good for health , its not good for the one bearing it as well as for the environment . Also applicable to me , how to maintain peace and tranquility even when at times prone to anger outbursts .
        tHANKS for sharing the link to ur personal experience posts . I’ll be just checking it right now , and let u know my views on it in the comments section .
        Warm wishes 😊
        Man Kun

        1. Practice stability in mind for a break free peaceful mind.
          You have that capabilities. I can surely guess from your posts and replies.
          Together we can bring more peace in our society 😄
          Have a blissful time ahead 😊

          1. yes surely we can. I’m thankful you can see immense potential in me . I’ll be more than willing to explore more ,under guidance of a personality like you .

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