Jesus Loves Us: A Good Friday Message:

HE is the innermost reality, and you have an innermost relationship with Him. HE is your Eternal Father, Eternal Mother, Eternal Friend, Eternal Companion. All worldly relationships are intended to devlop within you and this is Awareness which is the One and the only One, and that is GOD.


St. Paul said:

This is what lord Jesus Christ has demonstrated by undergoing crucifixion. It is one of the gloomiest days in the human history, yet it is called “GOOD FRIDAY” because on this day Lord Jesus Christ showed that death cannot touch the Spirit. Death is for the body, not for the Divine Spirit that is ever shining within. 

Jesus Christ did not try to defend himself. He did not try to save himself, but he sacrificed His life so that human beings can find the way to immortality.

The Grace of the Lord is ever ready to descend upon you. Just open the door.

We must believe that we not only belong to this physical Universe, but we are ever with The  Supreme  Spirit that pervades the whole Universe. Just as a wave exists in the ocean, similarly we exists in the Supreme Spirit beyond time and Space.

The Pure Consciousness which is Self shining, upholds this Universe. Let us realize that, our unity with the Supreme Spirit is the ultimate truth. A person who realizes his or her unity with the Divine being sees no Death, Death is meant for the Body which is perishable. 

This is why Lord Jesus Christ did not resist. He knew that one Soul dwells in all beings. So He said: ” Resist not Evil. Return good for Evil. Love your enemies. Bless those who curse you. Do good to them who hate you. Pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you.”  [ Matthew: 5.39 ]

That is the message Jesus Christ has given to the mankind. He has exemplified by His crucifixion. This cross is the symbol of love and forgiveness.

Hear me, O children of Immortal Bliss, those that dwell in this Universe, those that dwell in the worlds beyond, hear me; I have realized that Supreme Being, the Self-effulgent One, beyond all darkness, resplendent like the glorious SUN. By knowing HIM alone, one goes beyond death. There is no other way out of Death. [Svetaswar Upanishad. II:5; III:8]

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No Eye can see Him, nor has He a face to be seen:

His Form does not exist within the range of vision; none can behold Him with eyes(senses). But, through Meditation, by controlling the mind with the Intellect, He can be found in the Feart (By intuition is He revealed ).Those who know this become Immortal. [ Katha Upanishad: Mantra-2.3.9:]

Published in your name, my Lord. I love YOU.

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