Essence of ChAndogya Upanishad: Part-6C of 6[END OF 6TH CHAPTER]

Tat-Tvam-Asi=YOU ARE THAT: This statement relates the Individual Self to the Universal Self. The direct Knowledge of that total Identity is the immediate means to Liberation (Moksha).

Essence of ChAndogya Upanishad: Part-6B of 6

In sleep, you get into yourself, you enter yourself, you become yourself, and know nothing but yourself. This is sleep. You have withdrawn yourself from all outside connections and relationships.

Essence of ChAndogya Upanishad: Part-6A of 6

In the beginning, there was “Existence alone”, mere Being, one without a second. Some say there was mere nothing, nothing whatsoever; that everything has come out of nothing.

My journey through Books: Part-2

Human Beings are simply the consequence of ” Collective amoebic Consciousness” Having harmonious relation of the 50 trillion cells, a human can take control of his/her life. Each sell is an intelligent being


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