Essence of Katha Upanishad :part 4B of 4

When He shines, everything shines after HIM; by His light, all these Shine!” One Supreme Ruler is the inner Self of all; This one quality appears in all individuals. The wise realize Him in their own hearts.

Essence of Katha Upanishad :part 4A of 4

Knowing the Truth, that the Individual Self, the eater of the fruit of action, is the Universal Self, maker of past and future, knows that he has nothing to fear.

Story of “King Janasruti and Raikva, a cart puller”

” O King! Have neither pride nor vanity for the charities that you dispense. Go thou, great king, to thy palace. Give but not pride. Give generously but not with  egotism.

Essence of Prashna Upanishad: Part-3 of 6

“He who knows the sources and power of Life, how it enters, where it lives, how it divides itself into five, how it is related to the Self, attains immortality; yes!  attains immortality”


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