MaNDukya Upanishad- The Nature of OM- Part1

The only proof of His existence is union with Him. The world disappears in Him. He is the peaceful, the good, the ONE without a second. This is the fourth condition of the Self- The most worthy of all. This is the Atman. 

Essence of MUNDAKA Upanishad: Part-2-A

From HIM arise oceans, rivers, mountains, herbs and their properties. And in the middle of the elements is the innermost Self. HE is the inmost Self of all.

An Essay on ” Ashtanga Yoga” on the occasion of INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY-2021

Yoga means union. Union of inner self with higher Self. Yoga brings perfection, peace, harmony in life. It will help in leading a disciplined successful life with good health and mind. Through Yoga one can have a calm mind and peaceful sleep. And these are all normal achievements.  If followed properly what Maharshi Patanjali has taught us “Ashtanga Yoga”, we can raise our nature to a divine nature.