Single Line Story Challenge:

Introduction: First of all I would like to thank Aparna { Her Blog – Single Line Story Challenge – My Verselets ( } for nominating me for this wonderful chain of challenge ” Single Line Story Challenge “. I am highly honoured with the nomination. She says that she is just an ordinary girl, though I believe … Continue reading Single Line Story Challenge:

What is Consciousness?: In the perspective of Vedanta

” O Rama ! The world is nothing but a mere vibration of Consciousness in space. It seems to Exist even as a Goblin seems to exist in the eyes of the ignorant. All this is But Maya. For here there is no contradiction between the infinite Consciousness and the apparent existence of the Universe. It is like marvelous dream of a person who is awake”…..  from “YOGA VASISTHA” as said to Lord Rama by the Sage Vasistha.”

What is Consciousness?: General Perspective

Consciousness is that, in which all experiences appear. It is that with which all experience is known and it is that out of which all experiences are made.

Those Books that changed the direction of my life-Part-1

Introduction: This journey through books started on December-2016 and it was specific and you can say something predetermined in the perspective of Spirituality. So far I have published about 27 Blogs on Vedanta (Upanishad). In this blog series, I am going to let you know, how I entered into the world of Vedanta. Certain odd … Continue reading Those Books that changed the direction of my life-Part-1


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