Former Deputy General Manager (CNS) – Airports Authority of India.

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Introduction! is a platform dedicated to personal growth, inspired by the powerful combination of ancient philosophies like Advaita Vedanta and the insights of quantum science. Our mission is to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards happiness, prosperity, and enlightenment by embracing a non-dualistic mindset.


Founded by Arun Kumar Singha Mahapatra, an experienced ATSSEP (Air Traffic Service Safety Electronic Personal).

Our platform aims to combine the expertise used in air traffic management with personal development principles.

With a background in providing Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance services for smooth air traffic operations, Arun Kumar Singha Mahapatra has a deep understanding of the critical importance of safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. Having been responsible for ensuring seamless air traffic services, he brings a unique perspective to our platform, emphasizing the significance of effective communication, precise navigation, and robust surveillance systems.

Our Mission

At, our mission is to empower and motivate individuals to unlock their true potential and create positive change in their lives. We believe that the principles of safety, precision, and continuous improvement that are fundamental to air traffic management can be applied to personal growth and professional development.


Here we share our personal journey of growth, inspired by ancient philosophies and modern scientific insights. Through our carefully crafted blog posts and books, we offer guidance and inspiration to seekers who are yearning for peace, a healthy lifestyle, and a prosperous existence.

Cultivating wisdom through the contents on this website.


Discover the profound wisdom of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras at

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