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Do Plants Have Intelligence?

Do Plants Have Intelligence? – naturetails

Author: gabychops

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Why am I Sharing this post?

Because here you will find Whispers in the Woods: The Secret Language of Trees.

People are generally unaware of this revolutionary field.
The fundamental connection of plants and the intrinsic intelligence that permeates the natural world are brilliantly encapsulated in David Crow’s comment. That plants are not inert observers of life but rather dynamic actors in its dramatization is emphasized. I have read about the intriguing world of plant intelligence in Adrian Cooper’s instructive book, “Our Ultimate Reality: Life, the Universe, and Destiny,” in which Chapter 18 took me to a place called “The Planes of the non-human Mind.” Right here, I witnessed the results of a groundbreaking experiment from 1966 that elucidated hitherto unknown facets of plant awareness.

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Do Plants Have Intelligence? – naturetails

Author: gabychops

4 thoughts on “Do Plants Have Intelligence?”

  1. a lot of amazing information about plants. Although I myself often thought about this, I did not formulate it systematically.
    I already wrote that I am surprised by the dandelions that pop up everywhere in our area in the spring. The more you mow them, the lower they begin to bloom. The assumption arises that in order to survive, they are ready to begin to bloom underground. The feeling that they are thinking beings.
    Thanks for such a great link, Arun🤝

    1. Hello Olga,
      I hope everything is fine there. I was not well for the past 3–4 days due to high blood pressure.
      I took complete rest according to the advice of family members.

      Your reply to the post ” Do plants have intelligence?” is appropriate because I have studied about dandelions.
      Your observation about dandelions is intriguing, and it taps into a larger, fascinating concept in biology called “phenotypic plasticity.” This refers to an organism’s ability to exhibit different traits or behaviors in response to changes in its environment.
      In the case of dandelions, they seem to have a remarkable ability to adapt to mowing. When they’re cut down, they respond by sending up new shoots. This resilience and adaptability can indeed give the impression of a plant that’s almost strategic or “thinking” in its survival instincts.

      We have to learn a lot about nature and its mysteries.
      Best wishes to Olga.
      Take care.

      1. I agree, Arun. 🤝👏🤗 This even scares people a little – suddenly plants think. They live according to their own laws and capabilities, not all of which are currently known to us. 🌿🌱🪻
        I hope that the rest helped you, your blood pressure returned to normal and peace returned to your life. I really wish this for you.
        I wish you health! 💚💚💚

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