If You Would Have Been Here: A Celebration of Friendship Across Oceans.

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A Celebration of Friendship Across Oceans: “If You Would Have Been Here”


Friendship is a sacred connection. 

In the vastness of the modern world, where distances seem to disappear and connections deepen, friendship has discovered fresh avenues for growth. We have created connections that cross countries and oceans thanks to the power of social media. We cross our physical distances every day by sharing our ideas, laughs, and tears. Despite this, a need to meet in person and share a day of pleasure, love, and laughing lingers despite these virtual ties. Imagine if all of our friends and supporters from all around the world could converge in one location for a memorable day out.

The Background of Our Online Oasis:

We came upon each other in the world of social media like stars in the night sky. Our paths unexpectedly met, weaving a tapestry of souls from all countries and backgrounds together. Each of you have added a special shine to this online haven we like to call our friendship circle. We have developed together, bound by the thread of friendship, from sharing the highs and lows of life to encouraging one another’s aspirations.

Close your eyes and picture this wonderful day when time zones are irrelevant, and boundaries are nothing more than lines on a map. As we embrace the joy of finally seeing folks, we hold so dear in person, our adventure begins. As we reminisce about special moments from our online adventures, laughter fills the room. We enjoy the unique characteristics that make each friend unique and learn the subtleties that emails and emojis couldn’t express.

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As the sun rises to its highest point, we assemble around a table covered in international cuisine for a global feast of friendship. We feast on the scrumptious diversity that has enhanced our life as each of our friends brings a sample of their culture. In this instant, we come to understand that even though we are from different countries, our hearts beat in unison and are connected by an indestructible affection.

We sway to the beat of our mutual laughter and love while the setting sun casts a golden light in the background. We joyfully dance as though no one is looking to honour the beauty of our friendship. For a split second, we experience the unity of the universe as our souls are freed from the bonds of separation.

A Kaleidoscope of Memories:

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As night falls, we sit next to each other under a blanket of stars and talk about our internet exploits. Every tale makes us cry happy tears because it serves as a gentle reminder that our connection is more than simply words on a screen; it is a tapestry made with love, compassion, and camaraderie.

May this dream of a grand gathering become a cherished reality in our lives!

I perceive a historic day when fate will bring us together in one location, where time and space would vanish like morning dew under the sun’s brilliant rays. Oh, what a day it will be as we all gather, our hearts glistening with the warmth of long-awaited reunions. Imagine a beautiful setting filled with merriment and sparkling lights, where the aroma of friendship and the sounds of joy permeate the air. Since this day has been written in the stars, when our eyes meet, joyous tears and the exquisite taste of anticipation will combine.

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We will assemble as a constellation of love and eat dinner while enjoying delicacies from both close and distant, with each bite serving as a reminder of the various ties that unite us. Conversations will wind through tales of successes, setbacks, and shared adventures like a soothing river. 

For in this lifetime, let us believe, with unwavering faith, that destiny will lead us to that sacred place where we shall feast upon the banquet of friendship with an abundance of love and an overflow of joy.


Even though the actual meeting is still just a lovely fantasy, we both know that our friendship knows no bounds. The laughs we’ve had, the memories we’ve shared, and the help we’ve given have transcended physical boundaries. Keep in mind that every virtual communication we send carries a bit of our spirit as we continue on our journey together.

So, let’s treasure our special relationship because it knows no boundaries, my friends and followers. Let’s enjoy our internet friendship while we can till the day we can meet in person. Together, we’ll keep making memories and weaving a story of friendship that will endure for countless generations.

Similar to how rivers join an ocean!

Gathered by the ocean’s side or a gentle river, we’d unite like stars forming a constellation of friendship. Laughter would blend with the waves, and the setting sun would paint our hearts with joy. A moment etched forever, where our souls would know that distance could never dim the light of our bond.

Keep in mind that although physical distance may separate us, it cannot sever the bonds between our hearts.

If you had been present, we would have embraced the entire world because friendship, in all its manifestations, has no boundaries.

Love you all!


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