What are you most excited about for the future?

“I am most excited about walking the path of enlightenment and gaining absolute knowledge. I look forward to studying ancient spiritual texts to deepen my understanding and wisdom. This journey of self-discovery and growth is what truly excites me for the future.”

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Arun Singha

Retired from AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA as Dy. General Manager (CNS).BSc(Mathematics Honors). Age 60years. Studying ancient Indian Philosophy along with modern physics and modern Biology. Follow Dr. Bruce H Lipton, Dr. JOE DISPENJA , Gregg Braden and Swami Sarvapriyananda among others. Writing consolidated articles on Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta and other ancient Indian Texts. Wish to work for the society to help people through personal guidance, motivation. Self has work experience of 36 years in the field of Air Navigation Service at different Airports in India. Gained vast experience in handling man and machine. Would like to reach to the people to share my life experiences, how I had overcome great challenges and difficulties at different times and positions.

14 thoughts on “What are you most excited about for the future?”

  1. Very informative material! Much to be gleaned. I am interested in Advaita as it relates to the Buddhist concept of emptiness. Any thoughts? I will take a closer look at your work. Again, quite interesting.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply which inspired me to learn more and work more. I am an Advaitin. I am studying hard and trying to grasp. Together we can learn more. Regards 🙏🙏

  2. yes, deepening the spiritual life as this body’s physical vitality wanes, is the best thing i can do with the remaining time, however much it may be. i also am an advaitin🕉️🔱🕉️

  3. I am in the lucky position that I do get adequate help according to my age which is very close to 89 years! Right now, I am still healthy. I do my best to stay as healthy as possible. I am excited about it, that if I stay resonably healthy, I might be able to live a few more years! 🙂
    I like to think about it what people were like in the past, and what might happen to mankind in the future. I try very hard to be accepting about everything that happens to me in my life and in other people’s lives. In my thoughts I try to be loving and kind to everyone. Also, I try throughout the day to do things that can give me some joy. People often give me a bit of help, which I joyfully accept.
    Arun, I like this question of yours about the future! Thank you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. All good when the mind is good. Health depends on the state of mind.
      You have a beautiful mind with great intelligence 😌
      You will keep well for some more years.
      Have a blissful time ahead 💗

  4. Thank you so much, dear Sir. Actually, I have a lot of gaps in learning. I just try not to worry too much anymore if somethings are too difficult for me to study and if I forget things that I may have learned a long time ago. I try to make the best with my life using that which is still available to me. I am not a distincly creative person, but I have throughout my life always enjoyed the overall amazing creativity of so much of humanity. To think that this has evolved over thousands of years! As far as a spiritual life goes, I like it, that it has so much to do with feeling and loving. 🙂

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