I Do Express my Gratitude ! ! !


Let me express my sincere gratitude for all your blessings, prayers, good wishes.

  • I am now back to you after successful eye surgery[CATARACT]

  • Post surgery, I find my vision is clear. Colors are bright and distinct.

  • Left Eye was operated upon on 22nd July-2022.

  • After recommended rest of eye, I am here to say :


Very soon I shall publish my Blogs those are ready for final touch!


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Arun Singha

Retired from AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA as Dy. General Manager (CNS).BSc(Mathematics Honors). Age 60years. Studying ancient Indian Philosophy along with modern physics and modern Biology. Follow Dr. Bruce H Lipton, Dr. JOE DISPENJA , Gregg Braden and Swami Sarvapriyananda among others. Writing consolidated articles on Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta and other ancient Indian Texts. Wish to work for the society to help people through personal guidance, motivation. Self has work experience of 36 years in the field of Air Navigation Service at different Airports in India. Gained vast experience in handling man and machine. Would like to reach to the people to share my life experiences, how I had overcome great challenges and difficulties at different times and positions.

25 thoughts on “I Do Express my Gratitude ! ! !”

  1. Namaste Arun Ji.🙏🏻 I am glad to know that you have recovered and back to world of blogs. Looking forward to your new write-ups. Stay blessed and healthy.😊🙏🏻

      1. I am very happy for you that the operation went well and you can read, see colours and enjoy life. I have seen your new post and will read it attentively. It needs some time, since it is philosophical, quite long and requires full attention. I will comment on it later.
        Thank you for the message, dear Arun Singha.

        1. Yes Olivia!
          You are absolutely right 😊
          Thank you so much for your support and good wishes.
          I am blessed by your inspiring words.
          This story is awesome.
          Take time.
          It will come in four parts.
          This philosophy has to be understood deeply.
          Take care always 🙏😊

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