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Essence of ChAndogya Upanishad: Part-7B


Introduction: Seventh Chapter:

The ChAndogya Upanishad is part of ChAndogya Brahmana of the Sama Veda which is one of the largest important Upanishads with Eight Chapters (Prapathakas) with many verses including some stories as themes to gain Upanishadic knowledge. 

**This Upanishad directly deals with the true nature of Brahman, the Supreme Self, without a second.

ChAndogya Upanishad consists of Eight chapters. The first five chapters forms the part of Karma Kanda and Upasana Kanda. Chapter- 6, 7 and 8 form the part of Jnana Kanda.

 There are 24 sections in Chapter Seven. Here we will discuss on Chapter-7, Section-7 to Section-12 to learn profound knowledge through a dialog between: Narada (the disciple) and Sage Sanatkumar, where knowledge has been imparted in steps. Each step itself is a kind of meditation. Crossing each step, one can go higher and higher and finally to the Infinity, beyond which there is nothing. That is unlimited and immortal. 

First part of Chapter-7 has been published in my blog, where Section 1 to Section 6 has been discussed. The link is here:- Essence of ChAndogya Upanishad: Part-7A

The essence of the Teaching is: – The Infinite Bliss ~ “Bhumaiva Sukham”

Journey:-    Gross → Subtle → Causal → Absolute

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॥ छान्दोग्योपनिषत्  –  सप्तमोऽध्यायः ॥

Structure of 7th Chapter!

Mathematically, consider "Name" as an elementary set and it is subset of Speech. In this way each step are to be considered as subset of the next. Finally, all the subsets become elements of Universal set. Each stage has its significance and important to live life. Please try to understand the concept.

Part-2: Section: 6-8 (Total 6 Mantras): “DHARMA-the Universal Law”

Mantra-6.2.2: What is above Contemplation?

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Contemplation”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, than contemplation, there is something greater.”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”

Section-7: “Vijnaanam”- Wisdom [2 Mantras]

Mantra-7.1: What is above Contemplation?

Mantra-7.1.1 Wisdom [understanding] is above Contemplation.

**Note:   Understanding of scriptures is necessary for contemplation. Through understanding, one achieves Wisdom.

Mantra-7.1.2: All sciences are understood by Wisdom.

Wisdom is above Contemplation. By wisdom alone can the Rig- Veda be understood. This is true for the Yajur Veda, Saama Veda, Atharva Veda as the fourth. the History and Puranas as the fifth, the Veda of Vedas-grammar, the rules for the worship of ancestors, mathematics, the science of portents, the science of treasures, logic, the science of ethics, the science of gods, the ancillary knowledge of the Vedas, physical science, the science of War, the science of the stars, the science related to serpents, the fine arts(celestials)

Mantra-7.1.3: All elements and Creatures are understood.

By Wisdom also understood the following subjects: All Elements: Air and Space, Water and Fire, gods and men, all creatures such as animals and birds, grasses and trees, beasts down to worms, flying insects and ants.

Mantra-7.1.4: All values, Food and Worlds are understood.

By wisdom we understand merit and demerit (all values) true and false, good, and bad, pleasant, and unpleasant, food and drink, this World and the next.

Mantra-7.1.5: Therefore, worship Wisdom.

Mantra- 7.2: Beyond Wisdom:

Mantra-7.2.1: Fruit gained by Wisdom.

Who worships Wisdom as Brahman, attains all knowledge and experience, moves within the limits of its subject, as it may please him, provided he worships Wisdom as nothing but Brahman.

Mantra-7.2.2: What is above Wisdom?

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Wisdom”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, Power is above Wisdom”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”

Section-8: ” Balaam”- Strength (Power) [2 Verses]

Mantra-8.1.1:  Power (Strength) is above Wisdom.

Mantra-8.1.2: Greatness of a Powerful man:

One powerful man terrifies a hundred wise men.

Mantra-8.1.3:  Power helps on Spiritual Journey from beginning to End:

When man becomes powerful (gains great strength), he rises (gains spiritual power); as he rises, he serves (Karma Yoga). as he serves, he associates with wise (Discipleship), he sees, hears (Sravana), thinks (Manana), knows (Nididhyasana), acts (intense Tapas), and he realizes (Attains Self).

** Note: Power or Strength whatever the word be, “Balaam” is the Sanskrit word. Here strength does not mean just physical strength. Intellectual strength also is to be considered here. 

Mantra-8.1.4:  Power holds everything firm:

Through power we are masters of Earth, sky, heaven, mountain, men, gods, cattle, herbs, trees, beasts, worms, midges, and ants.

Mantra-8.1.5: Therefore, Worship Power.

Mantra-8.2: Beyond Power

Mantra-8.2.1: The Fruit gained from Power.

Who worships power as Brahman, moves within the limits of the powerful, as it may please him, provided he worships power as nothing but Brahman.

** Note: The word Power (or Strength) used here is not just the strength of the Body. It is to be understood as deep inner spiritual Power or strength. The primary means to obtain this power is ” Brahmacharya” [ Brahmacharya- celibacy:-  Right use of energy: sutra 2.38 says ” Brahmacharya pratisthayam viryalabhah”.  It is about controlled and disciplined sex. Brahmacharya does not mean cut off from sex. According to explanations of the above sutras by the scholars it is said that “Virya” , the seminal fluid is our life. If stored properly, it can generate lot of energy. When absorbed into the system it gets transformed into prana. Conserved sexual energy in woman also gets transformed. Seminal fluid gives stamina and strength to the brain and nerves. ## To know more:–Readers are requested to read my post on Ashtanga Yoga: Part-3]

Mantra-8.2.2: Is there anything above Power (Strength)?

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Power”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, than Power there is something above”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”

Part-3: Section: 9-12 (Total 8 Mantras):                          ” JAGAT-the Universe”

**Note: In part-1, we have seen discussion on levels from Name up to Intelligence. In this part we have seen development of Individual’s potential. In part-2 we have seen development of Principle of righteousness. In the following part, part-3 we will see how the fundamental Elements: Food, Fire and Earth contribute our development in the level of Universe. Here we will learn how to establish connection with the entire manifested Universe. This knowledge will strengthen further for smooth Spiritual journey to reach the Goal.

Section-9: ” Annam”- Food [2 Verses]

Mantra-9.1.1:  Food is above Strength (Power).

Mantra-9.1.2:  Effect of not Eating:

If a man abstains from food for even 10 days, though he may live, he cannot see, hear, think, discriminate, act, or learn.

Importance of Food: This we have seen in many parts of different Upanishads. In Chandagyo Upanishad; Chapter-6; Khanda-7 sage Uddalaka has given lesson to Svetaketu. Please read this section: Link is here: Mantra-7.1: Svetaketu was instructed to Fast:

Mantra-9.1.3:  Effect of Eating:

When he eats, he will see, hear, think, discriminate, act, and know.

Mantra-9.1.4: Therefore, Worship Food.

Mantra-9.2: Beyond Food:

Mantra-9.2.1: The Fruit gained by Worshiping Food.

Who worships Food as Brahman, he obtains Food and drink as much as he likes, moves within the limit of all that eat, as it may please him, provided he worships food as nothing but Brahman.

Mantra-9.2.2: Is there anything above Power (Strength)?

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Food”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, than Food, there is something above”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”

Section-10: ” Aapah”- Water [2 Verses]

** Point to be noted here: The Elements mentioned in the following sections are all equally important. Hence the sequence of superiority may be treated as secondary matter. In the process of creation, all the five basic Elements, from subtle to gross are equally important for the sustenance and maintenance of Life and the Creation.

Mantra-10.1.1:  Water is above Food.

Mantra-10.1.2:  The greatness of Rain.

In absence of Rain, creatures fall sick for lack of food. But when plentiful rain is there, living creatures become joyous, thinking, ” There will be plenty of Food.”

Mantra-10.1.3:  The greatness of Water.

All are images made of Water, Earth, Sky, Heaven, Mountain, Men, gods, cattle, herbs, trees, beasts, down to worms, midges, ants, Worship water.

Mantra-10.1.4:  Therefore, Worship Water.

Mantra-10.2: Beyond Water:

Mantra-10.2.1: The Fruit gained by Worshiping Water.

He who worships water as Brahman, he obtains all desires, becomes satisfied, and attains the sphere reached by wate. He is free to act as he wishes. Such is he worships water as nothing but Brahman.

Mantra-10.2.2: Is there anything above Water

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Water”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, than Water, there is something above”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”

Section-11: ” Tejah”- Energy(Fire) [2 Verses]

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Mantra-11.1.1:  Fire is above Water

Mantra-11.1.2:  Fire (Tejah) produces Rain.

It is this Fire that, having seized the Air, warms up the space. People then say, ” It is hot, it is burning hot, there will be rain surely. Therefore, first we see Fire and then Rain follows.

Mantra-11.1.3:  Lightning flashes before Rain.

Fire creates heat. Heat makes thunder roll, makes lightning strike, whether above or below. People say: ” There is Thunder, it will rain.” It is Fire first, then water!

** Note: ” Tejah” : Commonly we use the word Fire. Sometime the word Light is also used to glorify the Sanskrit word ” Tejah”. This fire is the symbol of knowledge as well as symbol of purity. Fire burns all impurities. 

Mantra-11.1.4:  Therefore, Worship Fire.

Mantra-11.2: Beyond Fire:

Mantra-11.2.1: The Fruit gained by Worshiping Fire

Who meditates on Fire as Brahman, becomes bright, attains the receptacles of Light, full of brilliance without darkness; moves within the limits of all that is bright as it may please him, provided he worships Fire as nothing but Brahman.

** Pointes to be noted here: The word Fire may not be alone sufficient to describe “Tejah”. Light also can be used instead. However, this Tejah is meant for SUN. Different Upanishads described the significance of Tejah and SUN. Air, Space, Water, cloud, Rain, lightning etc. all are related in the Solar System. As such SuryaLoka which is none other than BrahmaLoka is the highest world of 14 Worlds (Loka) described in Vedas. Liberation is assured for sadhakas who reaches BrahmaLoka. Of course, this Liberation is “Karma Mukti”, not the “Jivan Mukti”

Mantra-11.2.2: Is there anything above “Tejah”[ Fire]

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Fire”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, than Fire, there is something above”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”

Section-12:” Aakaashah”- Space” [2 Verses]

Mantra-12.1.1:  Space is above Fire.

Mantra-12.1.2:  Space makes room for everything.

In space, indeed, exist the SUN, the Moon, lightning, Stars and Fire.

Mantra-12.1.3: The Greatness of Space.

Through Space sound travels, through Space one hears, through Space the reply comes. In Space one rejoices, in space another does not rejoice. In Space a thing is born and grows after birth.

Mantra-12.1.4:  Therefore, Worship Space.

Mantra-12.2: Beyond Space:

Mantra-12.2.1: The Fruit gained by Worshiping Space.

He, who worships Space as brahman, attains the receptacles of light, free from sorrow, free from bondage, moves within the limits of Space, as it may please him, provided he worships space as nothing but Brahman.

Mantra-12.2.2: Is there anything above “Aakaashah”[Space]

Narada: ” Sir, Is there anything above Space”?

Sanatkumara:” Yes, there is something above”

Narada: ” Sir, then please elaborate.”


The entire chapter is conceptual. Aim is to gain higher knowledge.

Knowledge is gained in stages. The order of knowledge given by Sanatkumara is from Gross to Subtle to Subtlest[finer to finest] and then to Causal. And finally, Causal to Absolute. It must be understood that as the knowledge goes higher, the mastery over the previous knowledge is included in the next stage. See below: How you gain height of knowledge from “Name and Fame” to Ultimate Reality:- 

Next two parts of 7th Chapter will be published soon !!!

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  1. Sir, there is a typo in this line “Of course, this Liberation is “Karma Muki”” (Mukti). It is to my understanding that realization of self as Brahman becomes the core purpose of human life. This is what elucidated here starting from the name and form up to infinity. Like the significance of time, which is part, present and future, so do the space which is both here and everywhere else. As the verse goes “Yatha akashe, navagraha mandala madhye, adityaha thishtathi,Thathaiva chidakashe, vritti-graha mandala madhye, thithksha thishtati”. In space-like consciousness, forbearance is at the center of thought universe. Hence, can one understand the laws governing human relationships by extrapolating the laws governing the motion of cosmic bodies in space. Your articles provide a roof for sharing the food for thoughts and never ceases to amaze me with its depth knowledge. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Vishnupriya for pointing the typo error 😊
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