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First of all I would like to thank Aparna { Her Blog – Single Line Story Challenge – My Verselets ( } for nominating me for this wonderful chain of challenge ” Single Line Story Challenge “.

I am highly honoured with the nomination. She says that she is just an ordinary girl, though I believe that she has amazing writing skills. I am feeling grateful to her as this was my first challenge. Please visit her website.


My Stories( In fact, these are facts)

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Thriller:– Just escaped death when I was kneeling down under a Gun-point during 1991, during my tenure at Dimapur Airport, Nagaland.

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Paranormal:– In 2016, I was alone in Ahmedabad Airport Quarter, it became a nightmare, when my senior colleague’s wife came to my bed at about 1:25 AM, who died on 2011, because that Bungalow I was holding, was her residence during 1999-2004.

Young adult:– At 19 started loving a girl and married her at my 26, after passing through many hurdles, agonies, anxieties and what not.

Romance:– A romance with a long distance love, finally became a successful One.

Blessings in disguise:– During my service, I faced lots of injustice, at different locations, due local office politics, which finally brought me high reputation with high departmental ratings and sound financial gains.

Hope you will also share your stories.

I would like to nominate:

Anita Vij


Chen Song Ping@ TPTan




And it is open to all who follows me:

I found some joy with this activity. I was nominated by Aparna, an young beautiful girl with high intellect. So I made my mind to respond to her call.

Thank you Aparna and thank you my friends. Not an obligatory. Take it easy!!

Best Wishes:

Arun Singha 🙏🙏


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